Fakhri S. Zahedy

Welcome! I am an observational astronomer interested in galaxy formation and evolution. I am currently a Carnegie Fellow at the Carnegie Observatories in Pasadena, CA. In summer 2019, I defended my Ph.D thesis at The University of Chicago, where I carried out observational studies of diffuse gas around distant galaxies with my advisor Prof. Hsiao-Wen Chen.

Galaxies grow inside dark matter halos by accreting gas from inter-galactic and circum-galactic space. As this accreted gas falls onto the galaxy, it cools and condenses, eventually forming stars. Star formation and other physical processes inside galaxies can in turn drive energetic feedback that regulates future gas accretion. I am interested in understanding how the gas reservoir of a galaxy determines the course of its evolution over cosmic time. In my work, I perform precision analysis of quasar absorption-line spectroscopy to understand the physical properties of the diffuse gas within and surrounding distant galaxies.